Friday, June 7, 2013

all about Lilly!!!!

So since we've been in Missouri, Lilly has made remarkable progress in behavior and speech and play and everything really! I don't know if it was the move or I am being delusional...but the apartment we lived in before had so much...just negative energy..I was never happy...truly happy...I am kind of happy here..till the past week,...but this is a blog about Lilly not me..and She just sad..all the time..and she was fidgety and anxious, and unwilling to cooperate with therapies we did, she was a picky eater, she didn't sleep well, she hated going anywhere, she hated playing with her toys, didn't like watching movies much freaked out at the park, she would freak out if someone sang a song for her or tried to play with her and I spent alot of time with her...maybe when we moved here she sensed things were alot better...we moved somewhere new where hey it was warmer for one, and two there was a whole bunch of new energy to soak in..and most of it's been good...for her at least
Since we've been here she can say
bo bo
nuh uh
hey ya
hey guy
ooo ma 
nigh nigh
uh oh

She has said a few sentences such as "I want mama" and "I'm a baby"

so they are mostly babbles but they are words to her and she is stringing the babbles along together again like she was before she regressed really bad during the speech therapy and some are actually words!

She is also really caught up on motor skills now

She can peel a banana
She can put the sippy lid on her sippy
She can carry a gallon of milk to me without problems LOL
She can twist things open
She can open ziploc bags
She can brush her hair kinda
She can take her clothes off and put new ones on by herself
She can paint my nails with guidance lol
She can hang clothes on hangers all by herself
She can almost tie a half knot sometimes in things like necklaces lol
She knows how to use a fork and spoon now without making a huge mess

Other things she is doing

She is sleeping through the night most nights, although she does wake up for a sippy and I give her a little bit of water because hey I wake up bc I'm thirsty and I would hate to not be allowed a sip of water I hate waking up with a parched throat lol

She puts herself to bed now around 830 every night and brings her animals and tucks herself in and pulls me in for a big hug

She brings her dishes to the sink most days

She loves to help stir when I am cooking

She throws trash out when I am cleaning

She finally lets me wash and brush her hair

She brushes her teeth like all the time

She points to her body parts when we read together and I say a body part

She knows some colors

She doesn't have many tantrums, instead she points now and shows me just what she needs and does attempt to say what it is.

She does alot of pretend mommy play with her babies and tucks them for naps and changes their clothes or has me help

When we watch movies together if a scary part comes on or someone is in trouble she goes uh oh! And grabs her cheeks lol

She now has favorite dresses and knows how to match her clothes together

When she does have a tantrum she will go into another room to calm down all on her own

When we go somewhere and we walk she will either hold my hand or walk right with me and not run ahead or away from me anymore and she doesn't dawdle

She understands just about everything I say to her now I:E simple directions, questions, etc

She recongises pictures of herself and me and James and gets happy and says mama or baby lol..she also is obsessed with babies

And last but not least she is weaning well off the sippy cup we got her a princess cup and shes slowly learning not to make a mess and play in it!

still no luck on potty training...thats just gonna wait...

And this has all happened within literally 3 months :) I am really so proud she's come so far already :)

I am starting to wonder whether or not she is autistic because she definitely shows and has characteristics, but shes been improving so much!

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