Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to feel...the only thing I did wrong..was not communicate with my mother enough?
Is it wrong to feel like I was judged as a mother based on who my mom was?
Is it wrong to a victim?
Is it wrong to look at Lilly and know..I could have raised Connor?
Is it wrong I gave my mom a second chance?
Is it wrong I now don't like "rich people?"
Is it wrong to think money doesn't equal love?
Is it wrong to think that they did what they did because of what his dad to me and my mom tried getting justice for me?
Is it wrong to think he's not really being loved there...he's being used as a an awful reminder...
Is it wrong I didn't cooperate with law enforcement?
Is it wrong I didn't try harder?

Would it be wrong of me to try and get him back?

I don't think so..and I don't care what anyone says...

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