Sunday, May 12, 2013

Have you ever curled up on the floor crying..and you said..I wanna go home...but youB were already home...that's how I felt in Minnesota...I had my own apartment...I had everything I ever wanted..I had my friends, my daughter, my clothes, the grocery store next door, my little home...but it...wasn't I met James...I knew..he was my everything I had ever been missing and I know this will sound corny...but I just knew....I knew I was going to leave everything I had known for 10 years...I would take my daughter with me...I gave up mostly everything, but her toys and some of my clothes and our documents we needed to start over...I was scared..yeah I was scared...but I knew this was what we needed...since I have been here I have not regretted anything..we get into fights and he pisses me off sometimes and I miss my friends...But I finally feel like I am somewhere where I am supposed to be..Lilly is so much happier too...Sometimes I wake up and I expect all this to a sick dream..but it's's my new's something I am still getting used to, but I am so happy we did this...I do miss my friends and the taste of Minnesota water...but that's it lol..I have never met someone so passionate and forgiving and caring as James is...we are still learning how to groove together, but I am okay with that...I am finally happy..I can wake up in the morning and not have that sludge on my soul that eats at me..and reminds me I am unhappy..I am finally happy :)

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