Friday, May 3, 2013

Handwashing cloth diapers...again

Sorry for the raw layout and not any pics yet I'm new to this so anyways!!!

If you are a cloth diapering mama I'm sure you just think it's the BEES KNEES..I mean it's GREAT for the environment and once you get a good stash going it saves you A TON of money right? RIIIGHHHT?okay well here's what I don't like that no one talks about...If you aren't lucky enough to have your own washer and do you wash them? ohhhhhh HANDWASH your mama probably did!! This sucks before I moved out from Minnesota I had a dishwasher which made it EASY...but I have Bucket and plunger...ack..we can't afford to go down to the washer and dryer every day and we can't afford more just yet to lessen the washing load it's kinda sucky...we are switching in between disposables and cloth...PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT WHY LILLY ISN'T POTTY TRAINED heres' my method of handwashing to make things easier...we only have about 6 right now and on a GOOD day..she only uses 3 so I only have to do the handwashing every other day...which isn't too bad I guess...So when she is done with one diaper I immediately do this process..
1.Soak them in light vinegar (Thanks Whitney :D) and water solution
2. Get off Facebook
3. Plunge them for about 5 minutes then turn on the shower and rinse them for about 10 minutes
4. fill the bucket with water and a WEEEE bit of laundry detergent NOT and then I plunge them again
5. Then I dump them into the bathtub and scrub them for about 20 minutes (I like her diapers clean!
6. Then I rinse...DONE DONE DONE DONE
Then I go on Facebook and post a bunch of stuff YAYYYY I'M DONE

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